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Church of Saint Bride
Church of Saint Bride
Photo Gallery: All Saints and All Souls Halloween 2010
All Saints and All Souls Halloween 2010
Well, we said saints and holy persons!
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Feeding the faithful!
Viewed 1147 times
We're friends of the monsignor...wink, wink!
Viewed 1153 times
Hey...I thought they meant the New Orleans Saints!
Viewed 1137 times
Thank the Lord, this is only pretend!
Viewed 1135 times
The Monsignor and His Minions!
Viewed 1044 times
Sister Mary Alice and Monsignor
Viewed 1113 times
What do you think happened to all the saints?
Viewed 1038 times
Which way is the convent?
Viewed 1044 times
I'm going home with Bishop Tutu!
Viewed 964 times
Saints? I think not!
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All Souls Memorial Candles
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