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Church of Saint Bride
Church of Saint Bride
Photo Gallery: CAMP BRIDE 2006

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Mrs. and Mr. Slay
Taking a break!
Viewed 1546 times
Cooling Off!
A dip in the reflection pool...
Viewed 1711 times
The Ladies
Aren't we something!
Viewed 1679 times
Holding up the Bean!
We are soooooo strong!
Viewed 1657 times
Two of me!
Just what the world needs!
Viewed 1629 times
This is kind of scary!
Viewed 1582 times
One Hand!
Look at me.
Viewed 1590 times
The Whole Gang!
All the campers and the counselors...
Viewed 1747 times
Hey, I'm a little wet!
It was worth it.
Viewed 1617 times


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